DX Funds Redefining the Token Ecosystem

Welcome to the future of token-based investment with DX Funds! We are pioneering a groundbreaking approach where tokens are valued based on a diverse array of cryptocurrencies, fueling an entire ecosystem. Our innovative model transcends traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic platform that interconnects various digital assets into a cohesive fund.

How DX Funds Works?

DXF are separated by 2 parts



    DXF Liquidity will be locked by a 12 months period.

  • 10 000 000 Supply

    The total supply of the DXF token, and no more units can be minted .

  • 5% Transation fee

    2.5% goes straight to the fund and 2.5% will be used in Marketing, development and progress of the project.

  • 90 % of DXF tokens will be in circulation

    10% will be locked and vested in a 3 month period.


  • The Fund

    In the GENESIS OF DXF token a Fund are created inside of the contract.

  • Based on ETH and BTC

    The Fund will be 50/50 ETH and WBTC, and growth with the fees collected every transation.

  • Buy Back and Burn

    Every 7 Days the fund automatically will buy DXF and burn , using 0.5% of the Fund

  • Escalability

    Pegged to the 2 Strongest cryptos, the fund will gain value naturally.

Inovation and Safety

With the blocking of liquidity and the fund being managed 100% by blockchain, the level of security and trust in our project increases.

Comparison With Competitors and
Our Advantages

Analyzing competitors showcases our standout advantages

Futures IDV System Creating Apps Confidentiality Without Gadget

The Best Fund
Solution Platform

A blockchain solution platform is a comprehensive software or
infrastructure that enables businesses and developers to build,

  • Blockchain Protocol Support

    Our supports different blockchain protocols, such as Ethereum

  • Analytics and Monitoring

    Comprehensive analytics and monitoring tools are included

  • Security Measures

    Robust security features and cryptographic protocols

  • Governance Mechanisms

    Some platforms provide built-in governance features

Live Token Market Updates

Stay Informed with Live Data and Analysis

Information About DXF Token

  • Token NameDXF
  • Nominal Price0.000
  • Number of Tokens Produced 10 Million
  • Transation Fee5% of any Buy/Sell
  • Type of the Token ERC - 20

Fund Details

  • Fund AssetsWBTC/ETH
  • Inicial Amount 45% of Pre-sale
  • Fund Growing50% of TX Fee
  • Buy Back and Burn 1% Fund Value
  • Delay of Buy Back and BurnEvery 7 Days

Our Dedicated Team

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Token Distribution

Token distribution refers to the process of allocating and distributing tokens within a blockchain ecosystem.

When a new DX Fund project is launched, a specific number of tokens are created, and these tokens are distributed among various stakeholders, including founders.


blockchain a Solid Infrastructure for Growth

Stage 1
Q4 - 2023

  • Ideation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Business Development
  • Security Audit
  • Token on ERC 20

Stage 2
Q1 - 2024

  • Pre-Sale Pinksale
  • Add Liquidity
  • DX Fund creation
  • First Buyback and Burn EVENT
  • List on coingecko and CMC
  • Community building

Stage 3
Q2 - 2024

  • DX 10 Fund creation
  • DX10 Fund Pre-sale
  • DX10 airdrop to DXF holders
  • First DXF CEX listing
  • Stake Pool Development

Stage 4
Q3 - 2024

  • Second DXF CEX listing
  • DX Gamify Fund Creation
  • DX Gamify Pre-sale
  • DXF and DX10 Major audits
  • Partnerships with major Channels

Stage 5
Q1- 2025

  • DX AI Fund Creation
  • DX AI Pre-Sale
  • Third DXF CEX Listing Tier 2
  • DX Gamify Audit
  • Multichain implementation

Stage 4
Q4 - 2024

  • Live DX Fund Event
  • Fourth DXF Cex Listing
  • DX Launchpad Creation
  • NEW Fund Creation
  • Audit DX AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers!

  • What is DXFunds?
    DXFunds is a pioneering cryptocurrency investment platform that merges traditional fund structures with blockchain technology, offering diversified investment portfolios akin to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the crypto space.
  • How does DXFunds work?
    DXFunds operates a variety of crypto funds, each with a strategic focus. Our platform enables investments in a range of crypto assets, from stable, blue-chip cryptocurrencies to emerging tokens in sectors like DeFi and NFTs.
  • What makes DXFunds unique in the crypto market?
    DXFunds stands out with its unique fund structure, decentralized governance, semi-automatic profit distribution, and integration of advanced technologies like AI and smart contracts.
  • What are the goals of DXFunds?
    Our mission is to democratize access to high-potential crypto investments, making them accessible to a wider audience. We aim to simplify the crypto investment landscape, offer diverse investment options, and empower our community through participatory governance.
  • How does the buyback and burn mechanism work?
    The DXFUND Token includes a buyback and burn mechanism that uses a percentage of the ETH in the fund to purchase and burn DXF tokens, reducing the circulating supply and potentially increasing token value.
  • How often does the buyback and burn occur?
    The buyback and burn mechanism operates on a clear and predictable schedule, currently set to use 1% of the ETH in the fund every 15 days.
  • Can I participate in the governance of DXFunds?
    Yes, DXFunds integrates decentralized governance, allowing token holders to have a say in key decisions like fund approvals and strategic shifts.
  • What measures does DXFunds take for security and ethics?
    The platform is built on a foundation of security and ethics, with rigorous coding practices, thorough security audits, and a commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • How can I stay updated on DXFunds developments?
    You can follow us on our social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram, and join our Discord server. Also, check out our documentation on GitBook for detailed information.

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